Circle Up Consulting


photo 26“The exercises, which were not your ordinary out of the box team building exercises, took on the personality of the team. There were several physical challenges that made us really depend on each other in a way our team hadn’t done previously. These activities made our team stronger and more trusting.”

~ Kathy Bayard, IT Project Manager, Customer Engagement, CBS IT NA Pharma Systems Intergration, GSK

Nora_Mental Planning“As runners training for any type of race, we spend countless hours pushing our bodies to the max with speed training, high mileage runs, hill repeats, and more. What often gets pushed to the wayside is our mental training ­ keeping our mental focus strong through race day anxiety, hard workouts and overall stress of the training cycle. Lizzie Lange of Circle Up Consulting has helped me breakdown my Negative Thoughts and build up my mental game. When I hit the wall early in my marathon, I was able to push through using certain cues I had been practicing with Lizzie. Working with Circle Up Consulting helped me prepare and execute a great marathon even when it didn’t go according to plan!”

~ Nora Ayers, Training Program Director at Fleet Feet Sports

“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for giving us such a spectacular experience! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to do it again!”

~ Corporate Group LeaderMaya_Angelou

“Our facilitator was wonderful and very motivating! She was well-prepared, engaged, and passionate about her work.”

~ Corporate Group Participant

“This experience has lasting value — it truly improved our group dynamics.”

~ Group Participant

“We gained insight to our strengths and weaknesses, and learned more about each other in the process. Thanks again for a truly rewarding experience!

~ Sports Team Group Participant

“Surprisingly, since we are all from different schools, we worked very well together and our unity became stronger.”

~ NCAA Athlete